About Sudhir Mahale

My Story

I am Sudhir Mahale, I am a career development guide specialized in ‘Problem Solving’. I have a clear mission to help 100,000 working professionals to have a fulfilling career. I appreciate you sparing your valuable time by being here. Because I value your time and i value you. For that I would like to tell you little bit more about myself.

I had a very enriching  career spanning 5 decades as a Mechanical engineer. My career spans aalmost all customer to customer  business processes. My experitse for problem solving was evolved while solving some hard problems during this period. I have decided to share the skills I have developed in the blog page here. It will help aspiring professionals like you to be on your progressive career path.

Now in world 2.0, the business models are entirely changed from transactional model to relationhip based model. In this  model the businesses must be fine tuned to customer needs. They must develop relationship with their customers for life. To achieve that businesses must solve customers problems as quickly as possible. They must have a well established problem solving process in their business. 

What Can I Do for You?

I will help you develop expertise in Problem Solving.

Problem solving Expertise

Problem solving is one of the most sought after expertise by businesses. I will teach you a simple but very effective way to solve difficult problems. It is a system I had developed over the years. Being a universal skill, it will help you to stay relevant in your job.

Technical Expertise

You may be known as an expert for a small group of collogues in your group . But very few people outside will be knowing about you. i can help you to develop expertise in your field. So that you will be recognized as an expert to large number of groups.

To improve efficiency of organization, it is essential to have a system to identify problems on a ongoing basis in order to avoid costly consequences in future. Generally organizations do have a well established quality control system to identify problems. However there are other sources of problems. These are people problems and long term predictive problems. The top management should get involved in identifying and resolving such issues timely.

Need Advice?

I offer free advice to working professionals to develop Problem Solving skills. Because I am on a mission to help 100,000 working professionals have fulfilling career by developing problem solving skills.